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Knight of cups as obstacle

2022. 4. 15. · In a Yes or No Tarot reading, each of the cards in the deck has a definite yes-or-no meaning assigned to it. The Knight of Cups , for example, is a yes card that denotes a positive outcome. The Knight of Cups uses his intuition, charm, and empathic nature to achieve his goals and attain his desires.

A reversed court card from the suit of Cups can mean that feelings are blocked or shut off, particularly with regard to a person. Specifically, the Knight of Cups reversed is an indicator that emotions, friendship, companionship, and support are not as they seem, though this isn’t necessarily a bad card. Basic Energies Surrounding the Card.

Six of cups is the tarot card for sensuality and pleasure, memories, innocence, nostalgia and childhood. Sometimes Six of cups shows up when someone from the past is on their way back into your life again. Six of Cups tarot card denotes a worry-free and happy childhood. It speaks of children and your inner child..

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Jun 30, 2022 · The active element of the four court cards in the suit of cups, the Knight of Cups is a fiercely loyal dreamer that moves gracefully and can easily become the center of attention. The element of water fills him with emotions and feelings that he will turn into art, or into energy that will motivate him to perform or do something..

In a spiritual context, the reversed Knight of Cups can indicate blocked psychic gifts. Perhaps you are so busy that you are missing the messages spirit is trying to send you. Slow things down and try to be more present at the moment in order to pick up on the signs all around you..

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